It is a tremendous honor to be President of this phenomenal organization, now in its 52nd year.  Throughout its history, NJDA has grown and evolved.  In 1966, a small group of defense attorneys and insurance claims managers banded together to promote the interests of the defense bar in our State.  We are now an association of more than 650 defense attorneys from a wide range of practice areas and law firm sizes with clients in various industries.  

This year, we will be working together to build on NJDA’s history and raise its profile within New Jersey.  We will continue many of our traditions and create new ones.  We will send out Talking Points so that all members know and can discuss the benefits of membership when asked.  Let’s end the days of people being unfamiliar with the NJDA, and I am counting on each of you to help make that happen.  The Board will do its part as well.  We will do more advertising and promotion of our seminars and events.  We will partner with defense organizations in nearby states and with DRI, the national defense organization with which NJDA is affiliated.  We will also have additional opportunities to work with charitable organizations. 

We also want to help you.  Would you like to increase your professional profile?  We encourage you to write an article in our magazine, which is professionally designed and printed, and sent to all state and federal Judges and Justices in New Jersey.  Would you like to speak at an NJDA seminar?  We will put you in touch with the committee chair, or you can look up that person on our newly designed website.  Is there an appeal related to an important issue that affects the defense bar?  Let us know if you’d like NJDA to consider appearing as amicus.

It is fitting that my year as President will begin at the Annual Convention in Hershey, PA, where NJDA has had its convention more times than any other location, and will end in Lake Placid, NY, where NJDA has never before had its Convention.  I look forward to seeing you all there!

Natalie H. Mantell, Esq.

We want to encourage you to get involved.   Join us, write an article, participate on a committee, follow us on Twitterlike us on Facebook, and find us on LinkedIn.