Recap: Trial College 2016

The NJDA’s Trial College is one of the Association’s most interactive seminars, and 2016 did not disappoint. This year’s seminar was stacked with an experienced panel comprised of some of the best trial attorneys in the State of New Jersey. 

Attendees were given a fact pattern for an automobile accident case, complete with police report, medical records, and competing expert reports in advance of the seminar. After a brief introduction and model opening, break-out sessions were held in various courtrooms of the Union County Courthouse where pupils conducted openings, closings, direct examinations and cross-examinations of experts, under the direction and guidance of the respective instructors. Participants underwent a very realistic reenactment of trials segments, as a sitting judge presided over the matters, and the witness examinations included a doctor who regularly testifies at trial.

The success of this seminar is due in large part to the dedicated members of the NJDA who volunteered as instructors for the Trial College, as well as the active group of pupil participants all of whom were well prepared and eager to get some invaluable experience on their feet. The realistic environment, combined with the constructive feedback from the instructors, proved an invaluable learning tool for all.